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Intensive Care Society Podcast


The Intensive Care Society is proud to present our open access podcasts.

These include our educational events, interviews with the very best in Critical Care and presentations from the UK's biggest multidisciplinary critical care meeting (State of the Art).

Jan 23, 2019

Dr Xand van Tulleken trained in medicine at the University of Oxford, he has a diploma in Tropical Medicine from the University of Liverpool, a Diploma in International Humanitarian Assistance from Fordham University and a Master’s in Public Health from Harvard where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He was the Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow at Fordham University’s Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs 2011-2017. In 2010 he was MDM Head of Mission in Darfur.
Xand is a contributing editor to the first edition of the Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine and has worked for Doctors of the World, Merlin and the World Health Organization in humanitarian crises around the world.
His primary interest is in health care delivery and public health in wars and disasters.