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Intensive Care Society Podcast


The Intensive Care Society is proud to present our open access podcasts.

These include our educational events, interviews with the very best in Critical Care and presentations from the UK's biggest multidisciplinary critical care meeting (State of the Art).

Jun 25, 2020

Dermatological Emergencies: When the Skin Fails- Richard Groves

Ophthalmology: The Eye of the Storm- Fiona Carley

Rheumatological Emergencies- Jessica Manson

Panel Conversation and Questions

F Richard Groves, Fiona Carley, & Jessica Manson

Jun 18, 2020

Better Perioperative Care: Redesigning the Pathway- Rupert Pearse

Prehabilitation: What Does It Mean, and Does It Work?- June Davis

Emergency Surgery: What Has Changed Since NELA?- Sarah Hare

The Higher Risk Surgical Patient- Shaman Jhanji

Panel Conversation and Questions

Rupert Pearse, June Davis, Sarah Hare & Shaman...

Jun 11, 2020

Who to Admit - Differentiating AoCLF from Advanced Cirrhosis- Tony Whitehouse

Liver Failure - Survival Depends on What You’ve Got and Where You Get It!- Julia Wendon

The Place of Albumin in the Management of Critically Ill Liver Patients- Alastair O’Brien

10 Top Tips for AoCLF, Conversation and Questions


Jun 4, 2020

Making Ultrasound Resonate: Lessons from Down Under -Sharon Kay

Scanning the Horizon: The Future of Intensive Care US Training-Ashley Miller

Moving Beyond the Individual: Departmental Accreditation-Tom Ingram

Lieutenant or Admiral of the Ultrasound Waves: Does it matter? YES- Tom Clark

Lieutenant or Admiral of the...