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Intensive Care Society Podcast


The Intensive Care Society is proud to present our open access podcasts.

These include our educational events, interviews with the very best in Critical Care and presentations from the UK's biggest multidisciplinary critical care meeting (State of the Art).

Oct 29, 2020

Patient Safety and a Just Culture – Extended Panel Conversation and Q&As- David Sellu, Stephen Drage, Jenny Vaughan, Scott Morrish, Matthew McClelland, Shaun Lintern

Oct 22, 2020

A Qualitative Exploration of Staff Perceptions of Safety and Missed Care in Adult Intensive Care (ICU)- Clare Leon-Villapalos
Impact of ACCP-Led Rib Fracture Analgesia Service- Nigel Manning
Core-Peripheral Temperature Difference Assessed by Thermal
Imaging and Its Association with Illness Severity in Sepsis-...

Oct 15, 2020

AI in Healthcare 101- Marius Terblanche
Tomorrow’s Medicine Today- Rick Body
Using Technology to Understand the Complexities of Teamwork and Safety- Rob Gatherer
Disrupting Technology- Molly Gilmartin
Panel Conversation and Questions- Marius Terblanche, Rick
Body, Rob Gatherer

Oct 8, 2020

Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis: Secrets of the Great Mimicker- Jessica Manson
Reno-Pulmonary Syndromes- Steve Brett
Unusual Disorders of Consciousness- Saiju Jacob
Panel Conversation and Questions- Jessica Manson,
Steve Brett & Saiju Jacob

Oct 1, 2020

Back from the Brink: Diggs’ Story Damon Beard, Susie Calvert & Steve Mathieu
Early Mobilisation- Where Are We Now?- Eve Corner
Occupational Hazards: OT in Critical Care- James Bruce
Visualising Patient Recovery- Kate Tantam
Panel Conversation and Questions Damon Beard, Susie Calvert, Steve Mathieu, Eve Corner, James...