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Intensive Care Society Podcast


The Intensive Care Society is proud to present our open access podcasts.

These include our educational events, interviews with the very best in Critical Care and presentations from the UK's biggest multidisciplinary critical care meeting (State of the Art).

Apr 23, 2020

A conversation between Zudin Puthucheary, Senior lecturer and consultant in intensive care medicine, Julia Hadley, also a consultant in critical care and lead for the Royal London guidelines for tracheostomy in the COVID patient and Dr Brendan McGrath who is the national clinical lead for the same. 

Apr 2, 2020

This is a conversation between Dr Zudin Puthucheary, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Dr Jim Buckley, Consultant in Intensive Care medicine, and Dr Brijesh Patel, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care. 

Some of the learning from the early stages of this virus...

Apr 2, 2020

CAR T-Cell Treatment: How New Immune Therapies May Change Critical Care Matthew Morgan

Danger Beneath the Larynx Linda-Jayne Mottram

Please Sir...Can I Have Some Less? John Myburgh

Safe Staffing in ICU: Development of a New Nursing Model Ruth Endacott