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Feb 24, 2019

Dr Lisa Hinton is a medical sociologist, and leads applied research in the Health Experiences Research Group (HERG). Improving patient experience is a global priority for health policy makers and care providers. How research on patient and staff experiences can make a difference in these areas is at the core of her research interests. 

Lisa has a portfolio of applied, mixed methods, social science research specialising primarily in women's health, in particular experiences of infertility, pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care. She is also involved in several studies seeking to improve patient experiences in critical care.The role of digital technology in patient self-management and healthcare is another area of interest.

Lisa leads qualitative work developing and evaluating complex interventions and is currently working on two clinical trials of self-monitoring of blood pressure.  One is studying the impact of SMBP during pregnancy and a second the impact of SMBP after a stroke or TIA (see Hypertension). She also leads a programme of work as part of the Oxford BRC's Partnerships for Health Wealth and Innovation theme exploring research participation and patient and public involvement. 

Lisa has a developing interest in studying the potential for patient experiences research in resource poor countries. Initial work, in collaboration with colleagues at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust in Kenya, can be seen here: 

Lisa currently supervises doctoral students on a range of studies focused on maternal and newborn health  and nursing in the UK, Kenya and India. She teaches on the HERG Qualitative Research Methods courses and the MSc in Evidence-based Healthcare.

Before joining the department in 2007 Lisa was a TV and web producer, working for the BBC and Channel 4.