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Intensive Care Society Podcast


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Dec 19, 2018

Emma Ridley, ANZIC-RC, Monash University and Alfred Health

Emma leads the ICU Nutrition Research Program at the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia and has 13 years of clinical dietetic experience, including as a senior dietitian in the ICU at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Emma’s research interests include the clinical application of indirect calorimetry, as well as the effect of optimal nutrition delivery on short and long-term outcomes in ICU patients. Emma was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship in 2011 to investigate the role of indirect calorimetry internationally and regularly delivers invited national and international presentations. Emma is on the management committee for the TARGET trial (the largest blinded enteral nutrition trial conducted in critical care) and has been a named investigator on $6.2 million dollars of research funding, including a project based on findings from her PhD of $2.3 million dollars (NCT03292237).